Managing a condominium isn’t easy, from ensuring the property is well maintained to controlling the operating costs from electricity use in common areas, the last thing you want to worry about is any conflicts and complaints from residents trying to book the condo facilities!

Condo facilities can actually be difficult to manage, from sudden maintenance needs to your residents dropping their bookings without prior notice, without a way to quickly manage to oversee the entire process, MSCT can get overwhelmed while residents might become increasingly displeased with booking difficulties.

There must be a better way!

In this article, we will go through the top 4 reasons why your condominium requires an online booking system for better management and happier residents.

1. Save Time & Cut-down On Manual Bookings

If you aren’t using a condo facility booking system yet, you are probably still getting your staff to manually handle such requests. While this might seem easier and more straightforward in the short-term, it actually isn’t and doesn’t benefit your residents as well!

When a resident makes a trip down to the clubhouse to make a booking for a birthday celebration, they probably expect it to be available or at least get a partial slot, but this isn’t always the case.

The clubhouse rooms might have already been fully booked for weeks ahead or maybe they are down for scheduled maintenance that only your staff has knowledge about. Nothing might be more frustrating for residents than to take the trip down and realise it isn’t possible to book.

Condo Facility Booking System

With a condo facility management system, the benefits are clear:

  • Residents can immediately view if the facilities are available or not at the various time-slots.
  • Condominium staff can save time on booking requests over the phone or emails, time that can be used for other duties.
  • Bookings can be made immediately by residents, automatically updating the system and blocking out the slots without any manual action required.

2. Ensure Bookings Are Genuine & Payments Are Collected

One of the big issues of facility bookings is if the reservation is made out of necessity or in a ‘just-in-case’ basis. This could not only cause other residents to be turned away but also develop into a hotbed of complaints.

A key advantage of a facility booking system is the ability to ensure all bookings are genuine. With each household or unit number given a specific user account to login into the system, condo managers can help to ensure:

  • Each booking is genuine
  • Handle and track any abuse of the system or false bookings (create a type of blacklist or priority resident list).
  • Set-up payments to confirm the booking of high demand facilities such as barbeque pits, tennis courts and air-conditioned function rooms.

While mutual trust with residents is good, ensuring fair bookings throughout your condominium is even better.

3. Share Important Information & Announcements With Residents Easily

From holiday events and resident birthdays to facility down-times and sudden maintenance, having an open line of communication with your residents is key to ensuring they are kept abreast.

With a condo facility management system, you will also be able to communicate with every resident with just a click of the mouse. Apart from announcements, residents can also receive important updates from their facility booking efforts. Residents can:

  • Receive updates on the status of their bookings if it is successful or if the booking has to be suddenly cancelled due to an unforeseen event.
  • Reminder to make payment to confirm their bookings. 

4. Gain Facility Use Data To Optimise Residents’ Booking Experience

Ever notice a trend or pattern in how your facilities are being utilised?

With a condo facility management system, you can track data over periods of time to accurately measure the performance of your facilities.

From understanding how popular a certain facility is to the exact day of booking frequency, you can gain valuable insight into how to optimise your facilities to not only make your residents happier, but run the condominium with better efficiency and lower costs.

The data and insight you gained will allow you to:

  • Better plan maintenance schedules to minimise the effects of downtime to residents
  • Increase the timing use of popular facilities for residents
  • Impose booking limits on residents for facilities that have high bookings demand.


While it might take a little bit of education for both residents and your staff and management, a condo facility management system is the one-stop solution for managers to effortlessly control their facilities utilisation.

If you are managing a condo with the following facilities:

  • Function rooms
  • Barbeque pits
  • Games, KTV & Multi-purpose rooms
  • Clubhouses
  • Tennis, squash and basketball courts
  • Swimming pools

Having a condo facility management system is for you!

Looking to develop one? At 24K, our web-based condo facility booking system contains an easy-to-use interface that guarantees an easy user experience, coupled together with backend modules to manage all facilities that a condominium will have.

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