Our Team

At 24K, we have a team of highly qualified, skilled and dedicated web designers, developers and consultants with professionalism at the core of our creed.

Web / Graphic Designers
With An Eye For Conversions

Our web designers deliver beautiful web designs that enhance user experience while ensuring conversions are at the top of mind. From the proper application of gradients, white-spacing to highly relevant animations, we ensure your website comes alive and speaks to your audience.

Web / Moble App Developers
That Craft Highly Functional Websites & Mobile Apps

Our web developers ensure your web design becomes a reality with an easy to navigate user-interface while coding the internal workings of your website to be SEO-friendly. With more than 10 years of web design, we help craft websites that are modern, sleek and mobile-optimised.

That Ensure Each Project is A Success

Our consultants ensure a smooth transition from the start of your project to its eventual live launch. With almost a decade in web development sales and account management, our consultants will help guide each aspect of your project, ensuring it meets your launch date.