When it comes to promoting your website, you have short-term strategies that bring you immediate results versus long-term strategies that bring in results that might be slower but compounds incredibly over time.

This is the classic debate on advertising versus blogging!

It’s tempting for new business owners (big or small) to not embark on blogging and it’s easy to see why:

  • They don’t have a proper content strategy or even know the keywords to be targetting
  • They aren’t sure how to set up their blog for success (the technical details)
  • They will have to commit resources and time to consistently create fresh content
  • They don’t have a process to come out with content topics that have value and search interest

While all these are legitimate concerns they can be solved (internally or by hiring an external agency) when compared to the amazing long-term benefits your business can reap.

The End Goal Of Blogging Is For Business Success

Starting a business blog isn’t some vanity project to just satisfy a checklist, it is a sound strategy to accomplish two concrete goals that will determine the long term success of your business online.

These goals are:

  1. To bring targeted traffic to your website that can be nurtured into customers
  2. To establish your business as an authority online for higher brand awareness

While these goals will take time to accomplish, you think to think of each blog post you create as an asset. It will take time to gain traction but the effects will compound over time.

In this article, we will go through 5 core reasons that we have learned through our years as a web design company and digital agency in Singapore on why you should start your business blog as soon as possible!

5 Reasons Why To Start Business Blogging On Your Website

1. Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website Through Search Engines

Search engines represent one of the most powerful (and consistent) sources of organic traffic your business has to tap on and Google is by far the biggest globally!

Now, Google’s job is to help searchers like me and you find and access the best information on the web to help solve a variety of challenges or issues they might face. These include:

  • Understanding more about a topic or subject matter
  • Doing a comparison or finding the best prices for a particular service
  • Trying to conduct product reviews to make a good decision
  • Seeking to make a purchase there and then

By blogging and creating quality articles to solve your target audience’s greatest challenges, you get to capture their attention, let them know the presence of their brand and eventually, through other aspects of your website (your sales funnel, product pages etc), get to convert them into paying customers!

Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website Through Search Engines

2. Enjoy Higher Inbound Quality Leads To Your Business

In business, we all know the various types of leads that come our way:

  • Cold leads that we prospect for either through outreach or even cold-calling
  • Warm leads that are actively searching for our solutions or services but haven’t heard about us yet
  • Hot referral leads that already know about us and our credibility through word of mouth

When you start a business blog, you begin building an engine that allows you to enjoy a constant pipeline of warm leads and hot lead that are easier to sell to and close.

Why is this so?

Simple, your customers trust businesses that are an authority or an expert in their space. So other than winning awards and the strength of your previous clients (or products sold), you need to demonstrate that you know your field and you are trustworthy.

And nothing builds more trust then helping them out in their problems and challenges - this is where business blogging comes into play.

You are not just writing articles to highlight what happened in your company over the last few months or the success of your latest product - you are creating long-form articles to address a key problem your reader is facing.

For example, if your business is selling home insurance, you can create an in-depth article on “7 Things To Immediately Prepare After Buying Your First Home”.

This article will help them handle the pressures of new homeownership from furniture shopping to utility supply and once they are ready to buy home insurance - your brand is top of mine (if they don’t immediately buy!

3. Helps You Build Your Natural Organic SEO Rankings

Rising in your organic search rankings is more than just building backlinks and optimising the keywords on your product pages - you need quality content consistently published to let Google build your industry authority.

It works in quite a simple way:

  • You create and publish quality articles that people search for
  • People love the articles and stay on your website longer and some might even backlink to it
  • Google sees this and ranks your article up higher (and your website as a whole) giving more exposure to your business and brand

This powerful feedback loop is one reason why business blogging has a compounding effect over time.

When you start blogging and tackle keywords that have high search volume, eventually you will be directly lots of traffic to your website and a fraction of those will inevitably turn into leads or paying customers!

Helps You Build Your Natural Organic SEO Rankings

4. Increases Your Brand Awareness & Builds Your Business Authority

While a business blog will help your business gain exposure with your customers searching on Google, blogging will also help you form a name within your industry and your professional circles.

Want more business partnerships or collaborations with brands and influencers you admire?

You need to build a following & showcase your authority (through your ideas and thoughts), both of which business blogging can accomplish.

A business blog is your ticket into greater content marketing opportunities that could lead you to experience a greater volume of sales or if you are in B2B marketing - higher ticket deals.

With a powerful business blog you can unlock opportunities including:

  • Guest posting on authority websites
  • Ask influencers to guest post themselves on your blog
  • Be featured and linked to from authority blogs in your industry
  • And more!

5. Create Content That Helps Your Customer Service & Sales Reps

If your business has been around long enough, sooner or later you will find yourself answering the same old objections in sales or the same questions about your service or product.

Whether it is a series of quick instructional posts on how to use your software or a long-form article on the myths surrounding your product, business blogging is a great way to answer the most common questions without spending any additional manpower to answer it!

It could take the form of:

  • A video with its written transcript
  • A well-detailed infographic
  • An FAQ article for each part of your product
  • Articles that answer a common challenge and ties into a product you are selling
  • Articles that myth-bust any doubts about your services

It’s time to save on your manpower and start writing!


Embarking on your business blog as soon as possible is also key to ensuring you get to reap your rewards as soon as possible - after all, your competition could already be months or years ahead of you.

Thankfully, there is always room to compete and new challenges your customers face that require articles to address. A smart business will immediately start on creating their business blog once the web design phase is over.

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We have helped companies from the accounting sector to digital software with their blogging needs and can help you strategise and create content that is cost-effective while delivering results on the SEO and conversion-front.

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