Our Approach

As one of Singapore’s premier web development agency, we follow our own set of development process that allows us to craft the very best end product to our customers. Every single project, no matter how big or small it is, goes through our methodology.


Discovery & Strategy

Through an on-site meeting, email or over the phone, we will fully understand your business needs and the persona of the customer you are selling to. Together with our industry experience, this will help us determine the right design approach to take that will deliver effective results for your business.

We will finalise the requirements and collate the necessary information for the project.


UI & UX Design Creation

Our in-house team of skilled designers will craft a digital experience that resonates with your prospects and customers. Using the right design choices in our arsenal, we will help create a user-friendly website that will elevate your brand.

We will create draft design mockups for your review and handle any necessary revisions needed.


Technical Implementation

The next step is creating your infrastructure in a clean way that is friendly to search engines to maximise your SEO opportunities. Whether we are doing a bespoke design or leveraging on platforms like Wordpress, we deliver the very best for your website.

We will implement the wireframes and begin the CMS and backend components development before integrating your content.


Launch & Iteration

We will conduct comprehensive User Acceptance Tests (UAT) to ensure every detail is refined and polished for the best experience for your viewers.

Once your website goes live, we will hold a quick training session for you and guide you through how to fully utilise, maximise and handle your CMS website together with marketing and optimization recommendations from our team.