Your website is the headquarters of your online presence and is the main aspect of your digital strategy. From hosting your entire product line to showcasing your brand story, your website is the main contact point where your online prospects buy your product or leave an enquiry for your service!

While many companies have hopped onto the bandwagon and begun developing their online presence - a whopping 50% of small businesses still do not have their own business website with 41% believing they do not need one!

Of the remaining 50% who do have some form of website, most are actually outdated not only in their content but in terms of their design as well. What works 10 years ago won’t work today. This hinders their website in communicating effectively with their visitors and leads to loss opportunities and lowers the number of leads and sales.

While you might be proud of your current website, perhaps this might be the time to reconsider a web redesign to refresh your brand’s image to give your customers a better impression and user experience!

In this article, we present to you the top 6 signs to analyze your website on to determine if it is time to give your website a professional redesign!

1. Your Website Has Poor Navigation & Isn’t User Friendly

How important is your customer’s experience on your website? Consider these two critical statistics:

Customers today are having shorter attention spans and are easily frustrated when they encounter problems in getting where they want to go - and this extends to their online browsing habits!

Your prospects today have probably been through thousands of websites (some might be your competitors) that have fast loading speeds, simple navigation and intuitive design that is just pure eye-candy.

If your website is making it challenging for your user to explore around and leaves them wondering how to navigate from your product pages to the rest of your site, you will most likely lose a potential customer every time you get a visitor!

2. Your Website Looks Visually Outdated

When was the last time your website had a facelift? If you are still rolling with a design that was done 5 to 10 years ago, your site is most probably lagging behind in the latest design trends.

This could range from the usage of vibrant hues & colors, white spaces and website animations - all of which adds a layer of freshness to your online presence and gives a sense of modernity to your brand.

When it comes down to the purchasing decision - first impression counts.

3. Your Website Is Not Mobile Responsive

It no surprise today that mobile users are beginning to eclipse desktop users and unless your website is mobile optimised, your visitor’s user experience will suffer.

When it comes to search engine rankings, Google penalises websites that are not mobile-optimised as well even if your design is sleek and your content on-point.

Mobile responsiveness is no joke in 2018 and will be even more critical going forward.

In fact, even if your product or service is amazing, ‘57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site!’ This means you might kiss goodbye to any chance of referrals!

If your website isn’t optimised for both mobile and tablets for iOS and Android devices, you are losing out on converting a huge amount of traffic that comes to your website.

4. Your Website Isn’t Aligned With Your Online Marketing Strategy

When you first started out your business, your website was probably just a simple site hosting 3 to 4 pages worth of content.

But if you are reading this, your business probably has grown bigger - you have more services, a bigger product line and probably have a blog to do some form of content marketing, but is your website geared and designed optimally for your current marketing strategy?

Whether it is the lack of social proofs (eg. testimonials) and poorly designed call-to-action sections to a design that is cluttered and not suited for paid traffic - having an outdated website will hurt your marketing efforts, everything from conversions and sales to your customer’s perception of your brand.

5. Your Website Isn’t Listed On The Search Engines

Ranking on search engines like Google and Bing is perhaps the primary way most businesses get leads and sales online.

While most modern websites today come integrated with SEO features and plug-ins such as Yoast that makes listing on Google a breeze, old websites are riddled with infrastructure issues that complicate their ability to rank well on Google.

From old flash animations to a non-existent sitemap and poor url and page-linking, this makes it hard for Google’s bots to crawl and navigate around your website, making it harder and sometimes impossible to rank your website online.

Missing out on organic traffic from search engines is as good as not even having a website at all - after all, customers who discover you from a search are more likely to leave an enquiry or buy your product!


By going through all these 5 signs, you will probably know if your website is in need of a redesign. Whether you are running an ecommerce business or selling simple service, your competitors are probably maximising their online presence to get more business online.

Having a fresh and updated website today is not just a good-to-have, it is the key to business success online.

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