Have a dynamic website already? Want to add new information frequently? And - want to let the search engine and user know the updating of the website?

RSS is a good choice.

To give a hyperlink to RSS page is one choice.
In IE 7 after, there is a "Feed" button on the top. That one is surely more clear comparing to a hyperlink, and it should be more friendly to the search engine.

How to activate that button for the website? Add the following code in the part of the website:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="24K Design Studio :: Blog" href="http://24k.com.sg/blog.php?cmd=rss">

The title and href should be changed according to the content and position of the RSS.


Reference: http://digi.it.sohu.com/20050805/n240227514.shtml